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"I want to help local businesses develop and improve their online presence. By incorporating a modern website, 360° photos, and virtual tours, businesses can exponentially increase their online visibility and customer interest."

                                 - Harry Matlack / Owner

why do local seo?


89% of participants in a study searched for local businesses on their phones at least once a week in 2013

(Source:  Mediative Spotlight on Local Mobile Consumer Search Behaviour: Part Two – Aug. 2013)


40% of searchers  that said they would click on another website if the one they were on was not mobile friendly.

(Source: Icebreaker Consulting)


53% of mobile searches have local intent.

 (Source: Mediative Labs 2012)


69% of consumers want the business to be within 5 miles.

(Source Google)


48% of all searches are started on search engines, with Google being the most common start point. 


Get in touch with me! Let's go over what your interested in and what I can do for you. We can email, talk over the phone, or set a time to meet in person. 

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